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Developers Dream - AA Marketplace

Let's get technical for a moment.

Just when you thought the crypto-verse couldn’t get any wilder, we're dropping a bombshell that’s hotter than a Bitcoin mining rig in a desert. A marketplace of Account Abstraction Modules.. Yes you heard it right, its time for you to unleash your creativity, build groundbreaking automations, and set the crypto wallet universe ablaze with your innovation.

What if I told you that your code could become the gift that keeps on giving? Picture a reality where your development efforts pay dividends not just once, but continuously, through an immutable mechanism that rewards you—the creator—for as long as your solution remains in demand.

Let's pull back the curtain a bit on our wallet.

It's not just another instrument in your crypto toolkit; it's a living, evolving entity.

Why? Because of our unique modular architecture. At Unhosted, we've set up a platform for community developers to not only contribute but get financially rewarded in the process. Modularity allows the developers to experiment and deploy novel functionality that directly integrates with our wallet.

We've laid down a canvas awaiting the strokes of genius from community developers, to articulate onchain strategies that not only resonate with the core ethos of decentralization but also create a tangible impact in the financial journey of our users.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of modularity. Drawing inspiration from Biconomy’s modular approach, our base architecture is designed to be a playground where myriad protocols can be seamlessly interwoven, creating a tapestry of onchain strategies & automations. But what makes this tapestry unique is the maestro - you, the community developer, orchestrating the ballet of code and strategy. Module Registry

As the image above screams at you in a mess of arrows, boxes, and texts, (come on, don't be shy, it's okay if you're a tad bit overwhelmed), this is our much-hyped "Module Marketplace". At first glance, it might look like someone spilled spaghetti on a flowchart. But, fear not. With a dash informed analysis, let’s deconstruct this cryptic crypto canvas.

The Players

  • Dev: Our unsung hero. Like every IT guy who magically solves your computer problems by just standing next to it, Devs are at the forefront, deploying automation and collecting fees. They are the start of our complex dance.

  • User: Our dear Smart Wallet User. Eager to make the most of their holdings and probably trying to buy a yacht by next Tuesday, they're the reason this intricate dance exists.

The diagram above can actually be simplified in to three simple steps:

1. Unhosted handlers: Your Architectural Toolbox What the heck is a handler - handlers can be as simple as a swap functionality to most

complex arbitrage logic that interact with off-chain oracles and monitoring systems. No architect begins construction without a well-equipped toolbox. Our handlers library serves as this essential toolbox, offering a variety of DeFi protocol functions that streamline the deployment of strategy modules. Whether it's Aave or Uniswap, Bancor or Lido; these handlers are the tools awaiting to be skillfully employed in your strategy blueprint.

You can check out our current library here - 2. Sculpting Strategies: Deploying Strategy Module

Before the curtain rises, every ballet undergoes rigorous choreography. In the realm of Unhosted, this phase resonates with the meticulous crafting of strategies.

Our unhosted-modules v1.0.0 release is a tribute to this preparatory phase. Offering features like DeFi Strategy Modules and a Strategy Module Factory for Deployment, which allow for the seamless development and deployment of on-chain strategies​.

Make sure to check out our full documentation to start developing - For more info and in case you feeling generous, head to our Github - 2.1 Fee Rewards Every endeavor merits recognition. At Unhosted, this recognition comes in the form of Fee Rewards to community developers. We've set it up so that half of the fees go straight back to the crafty folks deploying these strategies.

That's our way of saying "thank you" and "keep those brilliant ideas coming." You earn 50% of the gas markup collected from your strategy, a standing ovation and a tangible appreciation of your choreographic genius. In other words, deployers of the strategies get to enjoy immutable fees as long their strategy is in demand. So, to every community developer eyeing to make a mark in the DeFi space, the stage is set, the ensemble is ready; all that awaits is your choreographic narrative. P.S. Our On-chain Factory ensures immutability of those fees.

3. The Performance: Strategy Deployment The foundations are set, the strategies refined, and now the spotlight pivots to the kickoff - the deployment of your strategy. The Strategy Module Implementation feature ensures a seamless transition from blueprint to action. Although the module strategy factory is permissionless, allowing anyone to deploy their strategy with their handler implementation and add it to their wallet. Nonetheless, Unhosted comes with its own approval mechanism, ensuring that only modules that have undergone security checks are displayed. This precaution is in place to prevent the addition of malicious code to users' wallets. TLDR

  • Modular Approach: Inspired by Biconomy, allowing seamless integration of various Web3 protocols.

  • Strategy Crafting: Head to our Docs & use the unhosted-modules v1.0.0 release for strategy development and deployment.

  • Handler Library: @unhosted/handlers library simplifies deployment across protocols like Aave and Uniswap.

  • Strategy Deployment: Strategy Module & Implementation ensures flawless strategy execution.

  • Fee Rewards: Developers earn 50% of the gas markup on their strategies.

  • Invitation to Developers: Encouraging community developers to contribute and innovate in the AA Crypto Wallet space. Join us on Discord

In Conclusion

Is this architecture overly complicated? Perhaps. But then again, so is explaining why crypto folks are bullish on a meme coin with a Shiba Inu as its mascot.

In all seriousness, our Strategy Module, while intricate, is designed to ensure that your assets dance gracefully through the volatile world of crypto. Sure, it’s not as simple as doing the Macarena, but with great rewards comes... an equally great (and entertaining) process. We're not just offering a chance to code; we're inviting you to be a part of something monumental.

With Unhosted, you'll harness a suite of DeFi protocol handlers, like the maestro of an orchestra, turning complex strategies into harmonious solutions that users didn't even know they needed. And the best part? Your innovation pays—literally. With our Fee Rewards system, 50% of the fees generated by your strategies go directly to you, creating a continuous stream of income as recognition for your genius.

Stay safe, stay informed, and remember, even in the world of codes and algorithms, there’s always room for a chuckle or two.

The future of crypto is not just about owning assets; it's about optimizing them. And now, that power is yours.

From Unhosted, with Love Follow our Twitter Join the conversation on Discord Learn from our Docs

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