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Deployers of the automations earn 50% of the gas markup collected on their strategy.

Build & Earn

Module Marketplace

List your automations on our Account Abstraction Module Store 

Immutable Fees

Our Permissionless On-Chain Factory ensures that the deployed strategies and subsequent fees are Immutable.

Ease of Integration

State of the art architecture with complementary handlers and documentation designed to simplify your development process. 

Documentation Station

Check out our detailed documentation to get you started.

Join our Discord

Get to know the team, ask questions and get the assistance needed to deploy your first AA module.


The module strategy factory is permissionless, allowing anyone to deploy their strategy with their handler implementation and add it to their wallet. Nonetheless, unhosted comes with its own approval mechanism, ensuring that only modules that have undergone security checks are displayed.

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Build and Earn together with Unhosted

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